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Nail care is absolutely essential for keeping your fingers and toes looking fabulous! Not only will proper nail care help you avoid unsightly nails due to neglect, but it can also keep infections at bay. To get started, be sure to use a good quality cuticle cream and lotion to nourish the delicate skin surrounding your nails; trim and shape your nails using sharp scissors or clippers, and slough off any tough skin with a foot file or pumice stone; lastly, moisturize with a deeply nourishing oil or balm before applying a few coats of classic polish for beautiful results. Taking time each week to nurture your nails is truly worthwhile - have fun with it!

Pristine Nails in Appleton, WI 54913


Taking care of your nails with manicures is a great way to keep your hands looking beautiful! Regular manicures will help prevent ingrown nails which can be painful and cause infection. In addition, cuticles need to be trimmed carefully around the nails to avoid hangnails. With regular maintenance, hands will look neat and polished, and the probability of ripped or torn skin from long hangnails will decrease significantly. Additionally, regularly manicuring your nails helps remove dirt build up underneath the nails which can provide an ideal breeding ground for various germs and bacteria.

Pristine Nails in Appleton, WI 54913

Pedicures are a great way to keep your feet feeling and looking their best. The steps involved in a pedicure help to nourish, soothe, beautify, and protect your feet. Regular pedicures can help prevent the buildup of hard skin, remove calluses and reduce foot odor. Nails are clipped, shaped and buffed. Cuticles are pushed back and trimmed as needed. Feet are soaked in warm water infused with essential oils like lavender that help to relax tired muscles before receiving an exfoliating scrub with soft towels or brush which helps remove flaky dead skin cells whilst stimulating circulation around the feet for healthier looking feet. After being exfoliated and cleansed feet might be treated to a relaxing massage using special lotions should you choose! Finally toes may be painted with your favorite color polish leaving you feeling amazing from head to toe!

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